Miete 2 Schlafzimmer wohnung von 65 m² in Berlin

Chausseestraße, 88A, 10115, Berlin

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2000 €
2000 €
2000 €
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65 m2
  • Balkon
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Bright modern apt in Mitte

English: § (1) ABOUT THE FLAT (1)
Berlin has a fame of "cool city", "city of freedom", "exceptional city, which deserves undivided attention". It´s not that sophisticated as Paris and not so posh as London, but the city also has its "golden miles". And as the flat is located in the heart of the most prestigious and magnificent district of central Berlin - Mitte, where the best hotels accept politicians and Hollywood stars and restaurants are full of delicate dishes, I decided to create a flat, which would correspond to the high level of surrounding.
This flat would be ideal for those travellers, who are looking for the comfortable stay druing first months in the city.

It´s a place for those of you who is ready to pay for:
+ best location in the heart of central Berlin near the ministry for energy and economic development
+ cleanliness
+ 2 balconies
+ quiet neighbourhood and safe prestigious surrounding
The flat it is located in a new built house (10 years old) in the heart of Berlin. This type of housing was a part of new Berlin concept, which main idea was to create upper level comfortable housing for those categories of tenants, who have over the average income and correspondant needs. Despite the absence of architectural value, the house looks pretty modern, is being kept in a good shape and fullfills all up-to-date standards.
I tried to create something really comfortbale in this flat, not just a flat, where I would live, but a place with its own unrepeatable charm, which can impress and cause nice recollections...
The flat has the total square of 65 m2 and consists of 1 x bedroom, 1 x living room with kitchen, 1 x bathroom, 1 x little corridor and 2 x big beautiful balconies. It has everything, what a nice flat in the center should have: startegic location, nice design and responsible owner.
In the BEDROOM you´ll find a nice doublebed (), a couple of night tables, alittle wardrobe and a cosmetic table for ladies. As the floors are covered with real oak parkett - don´t care about cold feet. The room is actually bright, but the high quality "hotel" curtains will conceal you from the sunlight in the summer season.
The LIVING ROOM was planed to be a place for good dining and chilling. It should be pointed out, that the kitchen is equipped with everything, what people normally need during short stay: stove, microvawe, fridge with freezer, coffee mashine, cattle, toaster and - a cherry on the cake - dishwasher. Of course you´ll find all types of cups and glasses, plates and bowls, cooking pots and cuttlery in the cupboards.
The BATHROOM is actually also very nice. I understand, how important it is to have a clean and fresh bathroom. There´s also a washing mashine in the apartment, what would definitely make your stay easier :)
§ (2) PARKING (2)
Please, note, that parking in the area is a real pain in the ass. There´s no free parking zone in the neighbourhood. The center of Berlin (the same as every other European capital) is difficult for car drivers. The best option would be to leave the car somewhere in the outskirts and use public transport to get to the center.
Alexanderplatz and its surrounding is the center of East Berlin. Many people find it "the middle of everything" in Berlin and it´s more or less true. But what is also very important, this neighbourhood is well connected by the excellent transportation system. It’s one of the best districts in Berlin in terms of everything. The demand for housing exceeds the supply dramatically, as the result far not everybody can afford it - living close to Alexanderplatz. This district is peaceful, safe and densely populated by tourists. Due to the upscale living areas with upscale houses, the neighbourhood mostly consists of graduates, artists and senior citizens. Unter den Linden - the main street of East Berlin - and Alexanderplatz itself are a true shopper's paradise. There's everything from elegant boutiques to discounted designer stores, from specialist bookshops to electronics outlets. The pedestrian Alexanderplatz becomes more and more attractive every year. If you are looking for something really special, you simply must explore one of the many shopping side streets with their unique products and personal service.
Many things, which Berlin is worldwide famous for, are located in the neighbourhood of Alexanderplatz, among them two highlights – the TV Tower and the Brandenburg Gate. The way from one place to the other will take you about 20 minutes on foot and will allow you to pass through the State Opera houses, the German History Museum, the main cathedral of Berlin and the five world well known museums, that build together the Unesco-listed Museum Island. The collection of antiquities at the Pergamon Museum is absolutely breathtaking and the old masters in the Old National Gallery will impress even a monkey! The famous Auguststraße with its galleries and exhibition spaces, including the excellent KW Institute for Contemporary Art, are also very close. While walking in the surrounding, you´ll be able to explore Gendarmenmarkt square with its two cathedrals and the beautiful golden Dome of the New Synagogue at Oranienburger Straße.
As I have already mentioned, Alexanderplatz was part of East Berlin. This location is a good place to learn about the division of the city. DDR Museum on the embankment of the River Spree, Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre on Bernauer Straße are exciting places to get in touch with this theme. Maybe I also forgot Checkpoint Charlie, but in my opinion, there´s nothing to do there.
There´s also a place, which is extremely popular among kids of all ages - Natural History Museum, close to the main station (Hbf).
I´m absolutely sure everybody´s cultural curiosity will be fully satisfied in this neighbourhood.
German: Berlin ist die Stadt, die als "coolste Stadt", "Stadt der Freiheiten" und "außergewöhnliche Stadt, die besondere Aufmerksamkeit verdient" in der Welt bekannt.
Selbstverständlich ist Berlin nicht so glamourös, wie Paris, und nicht so luxuriös, wie London, aber auch in Berlin gibt´s eigene "goldene Meilen". Und diese Unterkunft liegt gerade im Herzen der Stadt, in einer der attraktivsten Gegend neben dem Hauptbahnhof. Deshalb war meine Idee, eine besondere Unterkunft zu schaffen, die der . einzigartigen Nachbarschaft entsprechen würde.
Es ist keine günstige Wohnung mit dreckigen Ecken und unbequemem Bett. Diese Unterkunft wurde eher für die Reisenden konzipiert, die überzeugt sind, dass 4 weiße Wände gar nicht genug für den schönen Urlaub sind. Daher passt die Wohnung besonders gut für Geschäftsreisende, die müde von IKEA-Zimmern sind.
Zielgruppe wäre auch diejenigen, die für Folgendes bezahlen würden:

+ beste Lage im Herzen Berlins neben dem Hauptbahnhof
+ Sauberkeit
+ einzigartiges Design und besondere Atmosphere
+ schöne EBK
+ 2 Balkone
Die Unterkunft befindet sich in einem neugebauten Haus aus 2012. Wir haben die Unterkunft auch entsprechend renoviert und zu den modernsten Standarten gebracht.
Meine Idee war nicht eine typische billig möbelierte Wohnung mit geschmacklosem Design und IKEA-Möbel, sondern eine einzigartige Wohnung mit eigener Atmosphere, wo ich selbst während kurzem Aufenthalt in der Stadt wohlfühlen würde. Dafür habe ich meine Ideen und Konzepte in Dekorationen, Accessoiren und Möbel genutzt...
Allgemein hat die Wohnung eine Größe von 65 m2 und verfügt über großes Schlafzimmer, ein Wohnzimmer mit EBK und ein mittelgroßes Badezimmer. 2 großzügig geschnittene Balkone muss man ja auch nicht vergessen!
Die ganze Ausstattung ist auf jeden Fall überdurchschnittlich und insgesamt entspricht dem Niveau von einem 4* Hotel.
Im Schlafzimmer befindet sich ein bequemes Doppelbett (), ein paar Nachttische, ein Schrank und ein Kosmetiktischchen. Nach der letzten Mode liegt im Schlafzimmer Eichenparkett. Das Schlafzimmer ist eigentlich sehr hell, aber die richtigen Gardinen verdunkeln die Fenster bei Notwendigkeit und schaffen auch Nacht am Tage.
Die Küche in dieser Wohnung ist nicht nur schön dekoriert, sondern auch perfekt für Kochen ausgestattet. Vielleicht wird es schwierig, einen Kuchen zu backen, aber sonst gibt´s alles, was man braucht: jede Menge Geschirr, Besteck und Kochtöpfe, Ceranherd, großer Kühlschrank, Wasserkocher und Toaster.
Das Badezimmer ist eigentlich auch schön. Ich verstehe ganz gut, wie wichtig es ist, ein sauberes und frisches Badezimmer zu haben.

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Über diese Immobilie

Immobilientyp: Wohnung

Stadt: Berlin

Schlafzimmer: 2

Fläche: 65 m2

Preis: 2000 €

Garage: Ja

Aufzug: Ja

Balkon: Ja

Geschirrspüler: Ja

Zentral: Ja

Neue Gebäude: Ja

Preis pro m²: 30 €

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