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1st Freiburg Workshop 2000

1st Freiburg Workshop on Romance Corpus Linguistics
Spoken Language Corpora in Romance
State of the Art, Projects and New Perspectives
October 6th-8th, 2000

While interest in the spoken language among Romance scholars dates back a long time, work in this field of research has expanded rapidly since the 1960s. Systematic recording, transcription and documentation of spoken language data has been undertaken for several Romance languages. Despite this, Romance linguistics is still far behind other disciplines as far as size of corpora and availability of electronic corpora are concerned.

The 1st Freiburg Workshop on Romance Corpus Linguistics, which took place in October 2000, brought together about 80 linguists who are working on corpora of Romance languages or using spoken data for their research. Contributions included:

  • theoretical and methodological reflections on issues such as collecting, transcribing, publishing and analysing spoken language corpora
  • presentation of current or recent corpus projects and tools for analysing electronic corpora
  • presentation of the results of recent research on varieties of Romance, for which spoken language corpora were used.

The conference was sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and by the Ministery of Science of the land of Baden-Württemberg. The conference proceedings have been published at Gunter Narr publisher (Tübingen) in 2002.

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